How to choose boxing gloves

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How to choose boxing gloves . The choice of boxing gloves has a considerable influence on the course of the fight and on the training process. From them will depend on: the force of impact, speed and safety.

Glove types

Combat - used during competitions, sometimes in sparring. A distinctive feature is the angle of the bend of the finger, which coincides with the individual anatomy. Fastening type - lacing.

Training - designed to work in training. It is not necessary to train in such models with pears and bags. The angle of the bend of the finger is almost absent, which prevents the application of strong blows. There are various types of fasteners (Velcro, clasp). It is advisable to choose a model of 16 oz.

Snaradnye - the main purpose is to work with pears, bags, paws, makivara. They have a relatively light weight and a slight layer of stuffing.
Snaradnye - the main purpose is to work with pears, bags, paws, makivara

Criteria for choosing boxing gloves

Boxing gloves are divided by weight (which is measured in ounces). One ounce equals 28.35 grams. Boxing gloves come in 4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18 oz. It is necessary to select the weight of gloves, depending on the weight of the person training in them. Accordingly, the greater the weight of the practitioner, the greater must be the weight of boxing gloves (this applies to training, for competitions there are different requirements). The more boxing gloves weigh, the better they quench the force of the blow, thereby protecting the hand from unnecessary injuries.

Weight classification:

4 oz (113.4 g) - for children under 7 years old

6 ounces (170.1 g.) - for children from 7 to 9 years

8 ounces (226.8 g.) - children from 11-13 years old, women (used in competitions)

10 ounces (283.5 g) - adolescents, women, men of light weight (the most common weight in competitions)

12 ounces (340.2 g) - for men of average weight

14 ounces (396.9 g.) - men of average and above average weight for training.

16 ounces (453.6 g.) - men with a large body weight for training

18 ounces (510.3 g.) - men with a large body weight for training

Boxing gloves can be made of leather or leatherette. Leather gloves are considered better, they are more durable, the most pleasant to use, but they are much more expensive than gloves made of leatherette.

Boxing gloves leatherette less durable, in such gloves sweat hand more. But they are cheaper.

Another option is boxing gloves, in which the impact surface is made of leather, and the palm of kozhzam or suede. In such gloves, the hand breathes better, but still they are inferior to leather gloves in terms of service life.

Recently, in particular, some Adidas models are made of high quality leatherette, which is not inferior in its properties to leather, but its cost is somewhat lower.

Lace up

Such gloves are used in professional boxing competitions, because they provide a strong fixation on the arm, the lacing goes from the beginning of the palm to the wrist. The disadvantage of these gloves is that it is impossible to wear such gloves because need to tie up the lacing. Therefore, most often these gloves are used by professional athletes.


The most popular gloves among athletes. It is not surprising that they dress quickly and are comfortable to use. These gloves are also used in training, in amateur boxing competitions, and shells and coaching gloves use this type of fixation.

Before choosing gloves, you should turn on the thumb. The harder the thumb on the gloves is, the better, it protects it from injury.

Pay attention to the width of the cuff of boxing gloves, the wider it is, the better it fixes the hand, it reduces the possibility of injury.

Classification by type of filler:

Layered by predominance of paralon plates.

Polyurethane foam liners - allow you to keep the shape. With this filler, gloves of different weights will have the same shape and size.

In addition, other materials are sometimes used: wool and horsehair. The first drawback - wool is knocked to the sides and its properties are lost. In the second - almost nowhere to get a similar model.



On our market are many brands and manufacturers. The leading ones and the most famous are: Adidas, Everlast, Green Hill, Viking, Twins, and more. others

The price of gloves directly depends on:

  • Manufacturing firms
  • Material manufacturing
  • Weights

Boxing gloves Adidas will cost for example from 1,500 to 6,000 rubles of the advantages can be called: it fits well on the arm, good ventilation, high-quality materials. Viking, Green Hill Boxing Gloves can be purchased in the 1000 range.

Firms Adidas, Everlast, Top Ten - are certified by AIBA (Association of Amateur Boxing), and are the official suppliers of competitions held under the control of this association.

Almost all products and brands are made in Pakistan.

In the average price range, according to the average characteristics can be identified Gren Hill, which has a long history in the production of equipment for martial arts.


For complete hand safety from injury, bandaging is essential. Bandages absorb moisture, gloves remain dry and do not deteriorate. Boxing bandages come in different lengths from 2.5 to 4.5 meters, made of cotton or cotton with elastic. Many athletes recommend cotton bandages, they pull the brush less and absorb moisture better. The length of the bandage depends on the age, up to 3 m - for children and adolescents. You can bandage in various ways, but the principle is generally the same: the whole hand without fingers should be bandaged, the base of the thumb should not be tied, the fingers should not be bandaged apart.